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The Bestselling Author, Trainer And Speaker For Real Estate Investors Ready To Up Their Game

A Simon & Schuster bestselling author. A seasoned trainer. A captivating speaker. A real estate investor and property manager with decades of experience. There are many ways you can describe Bryan M. Chavis, but one comes to mind above all else: a tenacious entrepreneur.

Elevate Your Brand With The ‘Investor Influencer’

83% of consumers trust recommendations from their peers over traditional advertising. — Nielsen

In today’s real estate marketplace, brands are under more pressure than ever to connect with customers in meaningful ways. But how do you rise above the “white noise” online and win the loyalty of your target audience? The right brand partnership can help you bridge this crucial gap.

As a leading influencer in real estate investing and property management, Bryan engages a dynamic audience daily across social media, digital content and in-person events. His audience is home to decision-makers, investors and movers and shakers who trust Bryan to support brands that deliver real value for professionals in the real estate industry.

Experience Bryan’s value-add formula

Build real trust with Bryan, a bestselling author and seasoned real estate investor widely respected in the industry

Reach large, influential audiences that are already engaged with Bryan’s brand and place tremendous value in his product recommendations

Increase your online marketing footprint through high-quality content produced by Bryan’s team, or co-produced with your team

Break into a competitive market faster through Bryan’s extensive network of real estate and property management organizations

Leverage Bryan’s expertise to provide expert insights for your customers, through both in-person engagements and online content

Secure a brand ambassador who only partners with brands that deliver integrity, quality and real value for real estate professionals

Is your brand serious about helping real estate investors, landlords or property managers succeed? Drop us a line to discuss affiliate marketing and brand ambassador opportunities with Bryan.

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