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The Bestselling Author, Trainer And Speaker For Real Estate Investors Ready To Up Their Game

A bestselling author. A seasoned trainer. A captivating speaker. A real estate investor and property manager with two decades of experience. There are many ways you can describe Bryan Chavis, but one comes to mind above all else: a tenacious entrepreneur.

Bryan has spent the last two decades building successful real estate ventures. His bestselling books, Buy It, Rent It, Profit! and The Landlord Entrepreneur, are considered essential guides for investors looking to build lasting wealth through multi-family real estate and property management. While at the helm of his asset management firm Chavis Capital, Bryan also launched The Landlord Property Management Academy (TLPMA), a global leader in consulting, coaching and training for landlords and property managers. Under Bryan’s leadership, TLPMA developed one of the industry’s most recognized property management certifications, which has trained more than 50,000 landlords to date. An active investor and property manager, Bryan has also captivated audiences across the country as an in-demand speaker.

But getting to where he is today wasn’t easy. When a serious illness threatened to stop Bryan in his tracks at the height of his success, he had two choices: give up or use it to fuel a comeback worthy of the record books. (If you’re reading this bio, you already know which path he chose.)

Today, Bryan shares his immense expertise and powerful comeback story through programs that arm landlord entrepreneurs with the tools they need to thrive in real estate investing—an industry that demands tenacity, a keen business sense and the guidance of experts, like Bryan, who share a proven blueprint for success.

CE Approved Real Estate Courses

Turn your real estate or brokers license into a vehicle to build lasting wealth as an investors agent & investor!

Wether you’re an experienced apartment syndicator/ Investor looking to improve current operations and scale-up or a start-up syndicator/ Investor looking for a real estate investment turn-key business model & credibility

Certified Real-Estate Investment Specialist (CRIS)

8 Hr CE Approved Course - $99

Who is this certification designed for?

Real Estate Agents & Brokers who are looking to
break into the commercial real estate industry

What will I learn?

  • Work with & attract accredited investors
  • Learn, Asset Mgmt, Property Mgmt, Due-Dillgence, & underwriting
  • How to create your own real estate investment syndication business
  • Obtain experience & thought-leadership credibility within the industry

Certified Apartment Syndication Specialist (CASS)

Professional Designation - $750

Who is this certification designed for?

This certification is designed for any person
looking to start there own apartment syndication business

What will I obtain?

  • Asset Mgmt, Property Mgmt, Due-Dillgence, & underwriting experience
  • Turn-key Real Estate investment business systems complete with Contracts, Scripts, OM, & Marketing Templates
  • Training materials for investor presentations etc.
  • Proprietary underwriting Spreadsheet

Podcast Appearances

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