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‘Buy It, Rent It, Profit’ With The Most Trusted Voice In Real Estate Investing

Bryan has spent the last two decades at the cutting edge of real estate investing. He’s trained 50,000 landlords (and counting) in the science of maximizing profit. He’s coached thousands of investors on the secrets to building a booming multi-family real estate business. He’s worked with countless housing authorities and professional groups to position their teams for success. And he wrote the book on how to “Buy It, Rent It, Profit”—literally.

Bryan shares this unparalleled expertise, and his compelling personal story, in every keynote speech

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Bryan’s Most Requested Keynotes

If you’re looking for a speaker who recites canned lines and heads out the moment he walks off the stage, Bryan isn’t for you. But if you’re ready for a speaker who delivers a customized program packed with tips that empower your organization to make measurable progress, it’s time to explore Bryan’s best-selling programs.

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